Contemplation Question 8

1.      The practical joke

It started off as my friend and I were 7 years old as mischievous kids who liked pulling pranks on others in Singapore. Luckily, we lived in the safe and same condominium, in case when one of us got in trouble, everyone knew it was both of us. We pulled pranks like using needles to pop their bicycle wheels, throwing mud in to the pool, playing with kids (their mothers bought extra ice creams in case their child made a new friend), knocking on people’s doorbell and telling them we are beggars and we have to take care of our family. No one could resist out poor little faces! Once we got the money, we went to seven-eleven to buy slurpees, or buying stink bombs. We usually got in trouble when it was our parent’s friends.

Brenda, a girl that we always hated and called her the jelly monster because once we caught her eating jelly without sharing. As usual, she turned 6 and wanted a Sweet 7th birthday. Of Course, everyone was invited because it was located in a very expensive hotel with buffets. I had to admit, her party was pretty good, and especially the food, my friend and I didn’t care about her or her birthday. In her sleep over she clearly told us that we were not invited and they would have a lot of fun.

As we remembered we bought Stink Bomb from our begging money. We wanted to put a stink bomb in her room, and then mischievously, we wanted to add many many more. How did we get in? Well, we needed a gift, as me and my friend squashed newspaper and stuffed it in a shoe box. Walking towards her house, I actually wanted to back off, as my friend pulled me and told me “ if you don’t do this, I will never talk to you again” I knew she was joking, I just didn’t want to take the risk. So, we rang the bell of Brenda’s house, and said our apologies (we didn’t mean anything we said). We finally got in her room, as she shouted”lets do our nails in my mom’s room!” We walked towards her mother’s room as we ran back to her room. We took out stink bombs from our pockets. We placed the packets on the floor, everywhere across her room. “1, 2, 3!” we recited, as we covered our noses with our fingers and stepped on the packets they would explode a horrible smell! As the first stink bomb popped, we nearly fainted with a disgusting smell! Then while we were stomping on the packets, Brenda and her friends opened the door, and with her mouth opened and eye brows tilting down. We quickly hid in her wardrobe, luckily she didn’t see us. It was hilarious to see her disgusted face as we started giggling, then she heard us. We ran out of her house laughing our heads off!

          The relationship of this prank to the prank that was played on Mavolio is that my friend and I had to act like we really care about that girl and act apologetic. While Sir Andrew, Sir Toby and Maria are also acting like the person writing the letter is Olivia. The similarity is that we both are acting.  


  1. A list of epithets of characters

Mavolio: Overweening rougue, rare turkey-cock, scab,

Fabian: Jezebel

Maria: Noble gull-catcher

Sir Toby: Rascally sheep-bitter


Contemplation Question 7

1.      Do you think there is a difference in the way men love and the way women love?

Yes, there is a difference between men’s and women’s love in my opinion. When a guy likes this girl, he will try to get close to her, and make small chats. Mostly, they try to make the girls angry and annoyed. When a guy likes a girl, he tries to show her that he is the best and the most powerful (“I’m the strongest’’ or “I got 8/8 for all my subjects’’). On the other hand side, when a girl like a boy, there are two types of girls. One of them would get very shy around him and scared. While she is doing her work, she keeps on staring at him. While he walks by, the girl tries to be cool, and when he can’t see her, she starts giggling. Usually when a girl likes a guy, she usually messes up everything in front of him.  The other kind of girl would be an attention seeker. She would eventually try to scream or act scared so he will protect her. People who are attention seekers would want the guy to notice her; they do all kinds of things.

2.      Does either Viola or Orsino express views about love that are similar to your own?

Not usually, because when a girl likes a boy, she usually has a friend who also likes him. If I like someone, my friend usually does too. It is easier, but we never ever fight because of a boy J

3.      Find a line in 2.4 that you like or that strikes you in some way, and explain why you like it or why it stand out to you?

“For, boy, however we do praise ourselves, Our fancies are more giddy and unfirm, More longing, wavering, sooner lost and worn, Than Women’s are.”

This quote appeals to be because it is true. Most of the guys, when they like a girl, they start to like them a lot. Then when time goes on, the love affection becomes smaller. When they like a girl, they are giddy (they do it for fun) and unfirm (they are not very sure). Unlike men, women’s love is stronger and last for a longer period of time.


Contemplation Question 5

          Are you more of a Toby or more of a Mavolio when it comes to getting rowdy?

When it comes to getting rowdy, I think I might be more of a Mavolio, who does always not want to join in these issues. The reason who I think that I might be more of a Mavolio is because I am not actually I very loud person, and I don’t disturb the public peace. It actually depends what you are rowdy for. If it is inappropriate and if it is inconsiderate, I would be more of a Mavolio, trying to stay out of trouble. But if they are just small parties, and fun, I would be more of a Toby.



          Feste’s song

Sir Toby and Sir Andrew are both drunk, then Feste arrives. They called for a love song from Feste. Feste sang a love song. In this song, it seems like he is speaking about his journey to meet his love one in the future. In his song, there is also a message that says which character ends up getting married. Before he sang the song, there was a conversation between Feste and Sir Andrew. It shows who the real fool is. Feste (who is the licenced fool) is actually no fool at all. While Sir Andrew is the real fool.


          Find out what you consider to be a pretty good joke in this scene, What’s funny about it to you?

The good joke in this scene is the joke that is played by Feste, Maria, Sir Toby and Sir Andrew to Mavolio. It was to write a love letter to Mavolio, and says to be written by Olivia. To them, the prank will show the ‘‘ ass’’ that Mavolio is, and how self centered he is. Maria is a smart person to come up with a joke like this.


Sir Toby: He small think by the letters that thou wilt drop that they come from my nieve, and that she’s in love with him

Maria: My purpose is indeed a horse of that colour

Sir Andrew: And your horse now would make him an ass

Maria: Ass, I doubt not


This is my favorite dialogue in this scene because it is unusual how to refer to joke to a horse. “Sir Andrew: And your horse now would make him an ass”. This quotation sounds very unique to me because it doesn’t mean what is says, there is actually a message behind that.

Contemplation Question 4

          How long do you think he has been in Olivia’s household?

I think that Feste has been in Olivia’s household for a long time because to joke about her brother’s death, about her brother being in hell, you have to know the person very well to make these sorts of jokes. Calling each other fools, it seems like they know each other very well.


          Is Feste a carefree fool with no troubles? Why or why not?

In my opinion, Feste is a carefree fool with no troubles because, every time he or someone else is in a negative situation, he will make jokes about the issues. He is called the clown, or as known in the book, as a fool. He is fool, but seems to be a wise fool, and he also tells to truth by telling jokes. In one example, he proved Olivia as a fool for mourning for 7 years. But the message he wanted to get across to Olivia is that, why is Olivia mourning for her brother if she knows his soul is in heaven?

Feste:   Good madonna, why mourn’st thou?

OLIVIA:  Good Fool, for my brother’s death.

Feste:  I think his soul is in hell, madonna.

OLIVIA:  I know his soul is in heaven, fool.

Feste:   The more fool, madonna, to mourn for your
brother's soul, being in heaven. Take away the fool,


          Does he have a brain? How do you know?

Well, I think Feste is actually very wise because he knows how to get the message across the person with making funny jokes. His humor lies in the truthfulness. He tries to make a point.


          If you were a Hollywood director, who would you cast for Feste?

I would get a short person, bold, and a very happy face to cast for Feste. This will easily tell the audience that he is a joker. He would always be smiling and be happy. The clothes that I would suggest if I was a director is, bright colors, not dark. This is to show that he is a bright person. His clothes should be colorful with colors like yellow, white…ect.


Can you find some cues in the script that suggest action for Feste?

1.5.54-59, see above. “Good madonna, why mourn’st thou?” Feste, in this scene, he should make a weird and confused face to Olivia about mourning. When Feste says “I think his soul is in hell, madonna”, when he says hell. He should point down to show where hell is. When he calls Olivia a fool, he should hit is head to show what a fool is.



Contemplation Question 3

1.      A line that has beauty in it:

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                ‘‘O it came o’er my ear like the sweet sound

That breathes upon a bank of violets,’’ Orsino 1.1.5-6


         This line has beauty in it because “Sweet Sound” sounds very romantic and the second sentence has more beauty, this is because breathing upon a bank of violets is not what you hear people say everyday. It seems very romantic.


2.      A line with a good joke:


‘‘These clothes are good enough to drink in, and so be these boots too;’’ Sir Toby 1.3. 8-9


         Sir Toby is a kind of person who says lame jokes, and when he tries to joke he tries to be funny, but people find him weird. But his is what makes his lines very funny. This speech is spoken when they are drunk. When they said the clothes and boots and good enough to drink, it actually doesn’t matter what you wear to drink.


3.      A line that sounds modern:


‘‘Why, would that have mended my hair’’ Sir Andrew 1.3.81


         It sounds modern because modern people today will say “Why would that have to do anything with my hair?’’. Well a person might have criticized someone’s hair, making him/her to ask that question. It is just like Sir Toby criticizing about Sir Andrew’s hair.


4.      A line that appeals to you for any reason


‘‘And my desires like fell and cruel hounds’’ Orsino 1.1.22


         This line extremely appeals to me because in modern English, it means “My desires and dreams has been shattered.” But the way that this line is written, it sounds very unique and dramatic.


Contemplation Question 2

My first impressions of Orsino, he is very impatient for love and he wants Olivia to love him very much, but she doesn’t love him. He wanted her to love him and no one else. He is worried and is very passionate for her. He also seems very upset that Olivia is doing a mourn for her brother’s death for seven years. When Orsino heard about this he was very angry and upset, because he thought he wouldn’t get her. Viola on the other hand seems to be a very kind girl, and she got over her brother’s death quite fast. After her brother’s death, she landed on the unknown island, and there isn’t a way so get out. Since she could play music, she wanted to work for Orsino so she could get a job and she could earn some money. As Orsino said “If music be the food of love, play on;” So Viola dressed up as her brother, thinking that she might be able to get a job to work for Orsino. Olivia, she is mourning her dead brother, for seven years. She seems very passionate for her brother’s death, and she seems sure that she won’t back out on her vow. Olivia, she is also not interested in Orsino.

Contemplation Question 1

The holidays, in my experience which is fun is definitely Chinese New Year and Christmas. Even though we’re not Christians. Chinese New Year is one of my favorite holidays or event because we get to have new clothes and we also get red packets. We usually go and meet old relatives, which are my father’s friends, and spend time with them. We like making others happy. The best of Chinese New Year is that we also get red packets! When someone gives us red packets, we struggle trying not to check how much money there is. Christmas, is usually very fun because we get a lot of gifts, and get really surprised, which to me is very fun. All of these holidays take part in Singapore.

When I was about 5 years old, in Singapore, I was a little child who loved eating a lot. One day, I asked my mom about going to Sentosa (in Singapore). In that place, I saw this kiddy food shop and asked my mom if we could eat there. I ate a lot of different kinds of food! Mickey Mouse waffles were my favorite. I was so full, that I nearly exploded! On the way back home, my brother suggested to take the underground metro station. In the MRT train, no one is allowed to eat, drink, smoke or litter. Fines were up to 5000 Singapore Dollars. Walking down the stairs, I already felt dizzy, and extremely full. When I sat in the train, vomiting. Like the food in my tummy, was going to explode right out my mouth. When it was silent, suddenly, I barfed right infront of the business man who looked uptight and serious! His black suit had my barf on top of it and sinking in to his T-shirt. My brother was laughing his head off, and calling me stupid! It was so embarrassing; my mom dragged me and my brother out of the underground metro station, and took a taxi home. Of course, with a plastic bag, incase I barfed, again.

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